Tips to Hip Hop Dance Shoes

unduhan-6So Channing Tatum is your God, and hip-hop your religion. If you love street dancing, especially hip hop, in a way that you cannot describe, and every time you hear a hip hop song playing, your body automatically starts grooving to the music, then you are a true blue hip hop fanatic. As it is with every dance form, hip hop too, looks cleaner and impressive, if the way the dancer moves has quality and grace in it. And, there are three things that determine this quality of movement – the dancer, the floor on which he is dancing, and the shoes he is wearing. Somehow, these three factors play a huge role in ensuring that, when the dancer glides across the floor, his movement looks smooth and hardly laborious. Unlike other dances such as, Salsa, Ballet, Tap dance etc., which have strict specifications for shoes, there are no hard and fast rules in this dance form regarding the footwear.

Choosing the Best Pair of Shoes

As mentioned earlier, there are no strict rules where hip hop footwear is concerned. The only thing you need to be concerned about is comfort. If you are joining a dance class, you will be able to get on with either sneakers or shoes that have soft soles. If you are intending to wear sneakers, ensure that they are not the same as the ones you use on the street regularly. The sneakers you wear to dance class should not affect the dance floor in any manner. These are probably the only rules when it comes to the footwear used for hip hop. Remember, there are no specifically labeled shoes for this form of dancing. So, just opt for a pair of sneakers that has a good quality and perfect fitting.

Furthermore, ensure that the shoes are flexible. This is important, as there is a lot of feet gliding movement in this dance form, and you do not want to be stuck with a pair of shoes that does not allow you to move across the floor with ease. One of the best options are running shoes that are very flexible with arch support. Another variety of sneakers you can opt for, are basketball shoes, as they allow support for running and jumping. There are many stores that have the soft-soled shoes, and allow you to buy them online as well.

One of the most important things to keep in mind while choosing the footwear, is to ensure that it does not stick to the floor or squeak while dancing. Before getting into a rigorous dance routine, it is important to break the shoes in for a week or two. The more wear and tear they have been put through, the more comfort they will provide while dancing. It is important that the shoes you choose fit tightly, as loose ones can cause injury. Also, ensure that you tie the shoelaces properly. Tie a double knot if necessary, and tuck the ends in, so that they do not come in the way while dancing. Also, make sure that, even if you buy a cheaper variety, the shoes must be light weight, and do not strain your ankle joints in any manner.

While choosing hip hop shoes, the most important thing is comfort. If you are a street performer, there is no ascertaining what your dance floor is going to be, so pick a pair of shoes that provides complete support and comfort to your feet.

Guide to Learn Hip Hop Dance Moves

imagesI am sure most of you love watching hip-hop dance. It’s all about the funky moves and ‘cool dude’ attitude. But if you are a Wade Robson-to-be or worship Brian Freedman, then perhaps you need to get up from the couch potato position and get into some jig.

But wait, do you know what are the hip hop dance styles? Let’s check them out!

Hip Hop Dance Moves and Styles

Sam Solomon should be thanked for this dance move. He came up with it in California, in the 1970s. It is one of the original funk styles of dance. The basic technique here is, a dancer quickly contracts and relaxes his muscles for causing a jerk, called pop or a hit. When using popping as an umbrella term, there are many moves like electric boogaloo, cobra, crazy legs, fresno, dime shopping and so on. It is a major style and is a frequent subject of dance competitions.

A style of street dance, it is based on fast and trenchant arm and hand movements, in tandem with relaxed legs and hips. The name of this style comes from its typical movements, which include or rather mean freezing from a rapid movement into a ‘locking’ state, holding that position and then moving on to another step in the same speed as before. With its movements exaggerated and sometimes comical, it is a complete performance-oriented dance. A dancer doing locking has great scope to interact with the audience and the moves are very tightly in harmony with the music. Jazz split, kick, iron horse, alpha, leo walk, knee drop, scooby walk and scooby doo are some of the prominent dance moves in this style.

Breaking or B-Boying
A favorite and extremely popular amongst Latinos and Black Americans, this style evolved in South Bronx in New York in the 1970s. Practitioners of this dance style are called as b-boys or b-girls. Hip hop music or music genres remixed for prolonging breaks is what suits this style the best. Some of the moves are top rock, drops, freezes, flare, floats, etc. These moves either come in the power or style technique in b-boying. It is the most media-adored style in hip-hop and has always been under the paparazzi glare.

Now you must be tempted to get and dance. Well it’s time to do the moves!

How to Do Hip Hop

Slipe and Slide: Start with a standing position, moving your right foot out and back. Now raising your hand to a comfortable level or rather height, lean to the left for retention of balance. Follow this by pulling the right foot back to the standing position, while you keep your hands at your side. Do this with your left leg.

Crip Walk: Again, begin with a standing position and keep your feet shoulder-length apart. Now place the left heel in line with the right toe. Now move the ball of your left foot a little up from the floor, then move it sideways on the left and regain the earlier position. All this with your left heel touching the floor. When you step your left foot sideways, and move your right leg behind your left. Go back to the initial position of the right leg, simultaneously placing your left foot back in the front.

Kick Ball Challenge: Well, this is an easy one. Put your feet together in an upright position and kick with your right foot, coming back to the earlier pose. Next, step to the right and place your weight onto the right foot. Now picking up your left footstep sideways and shift the weight on the left foot. This is one of the easiest moves.

Walk it Out: It involves simple twisting of legs to the left and right. Sway and wave your hands to add that funky touch to the step.

Salute: Put your feet together in a standing position and look to your right. While you look to your right, hold your arms at shoulder length, hands pointing towards right side. Along with this, left arm should be folded, also pointing towards right. Likewise do this on the left hand side with arms and hands pointing left. Then, bending your knees slightly, step forward on your right leg.

Now move your right arm and shoulder in such a shape that it will form an L in the front. Next, under the right elbow, put your left arm. With your face to the left, get back to the upright position. Now pushing your right palm to the front, turn, and bend your left arm at shoulder height in the opposite direction of your right palm, and look back. Whew! This was tough! (but I guess not as tough as writing it!).

I hope you manage to understand and be able to do at least a couple of these! What are you waiting for now? Put on your dancing caps and begin!

Tips to Choreograph a Hip Hop Dance Routine

unduhan-7‘Save the Last Dance’, ‘Stomp the Yard’, ‘The Step Up’ series, are all hip hop dance movies that have gotten more avid dancers interested in this style of dancing. It is no wonder then that hip hop dance battles are becoming all the more common with people putting in a lot of effort to come out tops. If you are taking part in a hip hop dance battle, then you will need to choreograph a hip hop routine. We will tell you how.

Choreographing a Hip Hop Dance

One of the most energetic dance styles out there, setting a hip hop dance number is not only a lot of fun but also challenging. It can be a real test to set a routine that not only pushes the dancers but also gets the audience excited. We will tell you how to choreograph a hip hop dance routine in easy steps.

☛Assess your Dancers
As the instructor choreographing the dance, your first task would be to check how good your dancers are. To choreograph a good routine, it may not be important to have brilliant dancers but it is imperative that the dancers do the steps given to them with perfection and an illusional ease. In order to give them the right steps, you need to know what their skill level is. A beginner to dancing will find it difficult to perform the same routine that someone who has been dancing for several years will find easy. If your group is made up of new and old dancers, trained and untrained dancers, then you need to choose a routine that treads the middle path and finds everyone on the same page. Challenge your dancers but do not push them to do improbable things. Once you are more familiar with what the dancers can do, you will find it easy to set the routine.

☛Select your Style
The next decision that you need to take is to decide on the style of hip hop dancing that you want to choreograph. This is a decision that needs to be made after taking into account the choice of your dancers. There are many different styles of hip hop, from the tough street styles of b-boying, popping and locking to the more emotional lyrical hip hop. Again choosing the right style of hip hop is important. If the style is not something that your dancers are comfortable with, then the dance routine may turn out to be a disaster. One thing that you need to remember while choreographing a hip hop routine is to let it seem improvisational. Whichever style you decide on, remember to incorporate this into your dance.

☛Choose a Song
Once you have decided on a hip hop style to dance on, picking a song becomes slightly easier. It is important that the record you choose matches the rhythm that you want the routine to have. Always spend some time picking out a collection of songs for your dance routine and then narrow it down. You can choose to select a single song or choose to mix a couple of songs to create a record that is more reflective of your dance style. Also, if you are going with a story or a theme for your routine, then the song needs to keep pace with that. If your song is a complete antithesis of what you want to portray with the routine, then your dance will not have the effect you want it to have.

☛Set your Routine
Now comes the actual task of choreographing the routine. If you have experience with setting hip hop routines, then this should be the easy part for you. Watch hip hop dance videos to get an idea regarding what is new on the street. Incorporate these into your routine. Make a list of those steps that you can use in the song that you have chosen. Work with your dancers and ask them for suggestions. Identify the mood of the song across different sections of the music and set steps accordingly. Concentrate on the beats. It may be advisable to first concentrate on the footwork and then add in the hand and arm movements. While choreographing the steps, divide it into steps on the count of eight. This makes it easy to practice the steps.

Once you have set the routine, it is up to you to get your team to practice regularly. It may be a good idea to practice in a room that has mirrors so that the dancers can see for themselves how the routine looks. Have group steps which will make the routine look more cohesive. It may also be a good idea to set apart a section for solos of the more talented dancers in the group. Perform the routine in front of someone who is not a part of the group for feedback. Learning to choreograph a hip hop dance routine is something that will take time and perseverance, but when you see your routine being performed on stage, there is nothing that can match the elation.
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Hip Hop Dance Moves Step by Step

The uber cool moves, the attitude, the swift and agile steps, foot tapping music and overall a great experience. Does this ring a bell in your mind? We guess, this is what hip hop is all about, and probably, this is what makes it such an awesome dance form. This form of dancing has taken the world by a storm, and many countries in the world have people dancing it.

As most of us know, this dance is an umbrella term for several styles of dancing―breaking or breakdancing or b-boying, popping and locking, street styles, funk, old school, etc. Hence, it is actually difficult to describe about it. Let’s get started with learning some of the basic yet important steps.

Hip Hop Dance Moves for Beginners


◊ Begin with putting your right hand in a flat karate chop position. It has to be below your chest, about a foot and a half away from your body.
◊ Now, the key is to slowly move a certain part of your arm. Drop your fingers till your middle knuckles, for them to form a 90 degree angle.
◊ Follow that up by dropping the rest of your fingers till your real knuckles. Avoid moving anything else.
◊ Your hand has to be dropped straight up to your wrist.
◊ At this point, your elbow should be underneath your waist, and the hand should be pointing down. This forms a slight triangle.
◊ Raise both your palms and elbow and drop the wrist.
◊ Now raise that shoulder and then the opposite shoulder.
◊ Here, by the time you raise the opposite shoulder, the arm you started with has to be straightened out.
◊ To come to the end, you are going to do the exact opposite, raise the elbow, keep the wrist down and fingers up and then switch.
◊ Follow that by rolling out the fingertips.

That was the basic popping step in hip hop dance style.

Moon Walk

◊ The first step is to get your feet in a position closer than shoulder-width apart.
◊ Get your right foot toes in line with the central part of your left foot.
◊ Lifting your right heel, put the weight on your right foot.
◊ Slide the left foot straight back, while keeping it absolutely flat on the ground. This has to be done till the toes of the left foot are in line with the middle of the right.
◊ At this stage, drop your right heel to the ground and simultaneously raise your left heel. This is the crux of the moonwalk, the switching part.
◊ Again, slide your right foot back till the toes reach the middle of the left foot. Switch, once again.

Harlem Shake

The idea behind this hip hop dance move is to first learn the rules (i.e., steps) and then, forget them and have fun.
◊ Start by standing with both your feet spread with at least a six-inch gap between them.
◊ Raise your right shoulder and move your upper torso towards your right, pushing out your left hip, thereby giving you a diagonal look!
◊ Now, repeat the same movement with your left shoulder, diagonalizing with right hips.
◊ Repeat these two steps back and forth, by jerking and grooving your body. Infuse any hand movements, as Harlem Shake is meant to be that way!
◊ The basic step calls for movements somewhat resembling the twirling of ribbon that cascades downwards.
◊ Ask your friends to join you when you go all “Do Harlem Shake!”

These are a couple of steps that characterize and are inherent to hip hop. All these dance moves were just a glimpse of what all exciting moves hip hop dancing has to offer!

Some more steps are Crip Walk, Heel Toe, Glide, Walkout, Cupid Shuffle, Soulja Boy, Sponge Bob and a few more. You can get the descriptions of these and many more by checking out online, or through free guide books.

This dance is best learned along with a proper instructor, as these are a real challenge to learn. Just describing the steps is not giving enough justice to them. It has to be done on the dance floor, with full élan and enthusiasm!