Songs With Similes in Them to Hum All Day Long

Quite a Crackling Imagination!
Katy Perry’s inspiration for her song “Firework” stems from her morbid fantasy of bolting on a firecracker and shooting across the sky over the Santa Barbara ocean as her final appearance.
A simile is a literary item of ornamentation that makes comparison between two disparate things using words like ‘like’ and ‘as’ to indicate resemblance; for example: Her laugh is like a thundering storm―untamed, tumultuous, and uninhibited. Or let’s say something more associable like he snores like sawing logs or his breaking of wind scared the children like the deer that gets caught in the headlights. By now, we are sure you have got a fair idea of what simile is all about.

On a more serious note, a simile is simply used to compare two unrelated things to excite ardor and imagination. So, you will find a lot of it used in songs, poems, books, and even in daily parlance. Here’s now coming a list of songs with similes in them.
By Katy Perry

“Do you ever feel like a plastic bag
Drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?
Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin
Like a house of cards, one blow from caving in?”

“Firework” uses many similes to ignite our imagination as well as to rouse us to rise above our personal hurdles and find peace with ourselves. In the above lines, the writer makes use of similes to compare oneself with the aimlessness of a plastic bag as well as the feebleness of a house of cards.
Like a Rock
By Bob Seger

“Like a rock, I was strong as I could be
Like a rock, nothin’, ever got to me
Like a rock, I was something to see
Like a rock.”

‘Like a Rock’ has the ‘rock’ simile written all over it. Throughout the song, Bob Seger compares himself to a rock. Through this song, Seger expresses his longing for his youth as he feels that those are the best days of one’s life, where one is strong and impervious like a rock.

By Eminem

“I don’t see us ever being together ever again
Like we used to be when we was teenagers.”

Eminem is a wizard when it comes to word play; through the above lines, Eminem compares how he won’t get to see much of his wife like the times when they were teenagers. Eminem is at his revealing best and talks about his life, his daughter, and his relationship with his wife.
By Taylor Swift

“Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead-end street
Faster than the wind, passionate as sin, ended so suddenly.”

Taylor Swift uses her songs to berate her ex boyfriends, but going by the above lines, we don’t think she is being critical of anyone as such and just likens ‘him’ with the Maserati driving experience- however luxurious and faster but too good to last longer.
It’s My Life
By Bon Jovi

“My heart is like an open highway
Like Frankie said
I did it my way
I just wanna live while I’m alive
It’s my life.”

This is pretty easy to comprehend―Bon Jovi is comparing his life with an open highway. He is trying to say that his life is what he chooses to be, and that he is carefree and open to new experiences of life.
Candle in the Wind
By Elton John

“And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind.”

This song by Elton John is a dedication to Marilyn Monroe. He compares Monroe’s life with a candle that burns in the wind- burning fitfully, sometimes bright, sometimes weak, but the one that never gets put out.
Bridge Over Troubled Water
By Simon and Garfunkel

“When darkness comes
And pain is all around
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down.”

This song uses the simile to compare friendship with a bridge over troubled water. This song can be construed as a declaration of friendship, where one friend tells the other one that no matter where he finds himself in, he will always be there to comfort him and guide him out.
Like A Prayer
By Madonna

“Just like a prayer, your voice can take me there
Just like a muse to me, you are a mystery
Just like a dream, you are not what you seem
Just like a prayer, no choice your voice can take me there.”

Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” uses simile throughout to create an enmeshing imagery by comparing the love she feels for her man with the powerful love of god. Very profound indeed.
Drops of Jupiter
By Train

“Now that she’s back in the atmosphere
With drops of Jupiter in her hair, hey, hey
She acts like summer and walks like rain.”

The above lines convey the writer’s strong feelings for a certain girl. He lavishes her description with similes, from comparing her bright and happy personality with the sun to likening her walk with gentle drops of rain; he is totally carrying a torch for this woman.
Crooked Teeth
By Death Cab for Cutie

“And I knew I’d made horrible call,
And now the state line felt like the Berlin wall,
And there was no doubt about which side I was on.”

This song is about the lead singer’s aching to have the good ol’ times back with the person he loves. The above lines convey that though he is just a state away from the girl he loves, he feels they are separated by an enormous Berlin Wall because he can no longer see her, hence the simile.

Alternative Love Songs

Alternative bands are famous for their rebellious flavor and heavy beats. Alternative music is in no way related to the soft mushy feelings of love and will the rocking beats able to do justice to love songs, is often the question? Fans of rock music, who eat, drink and dream rock music know there are some best love songs that help you send across your love. You may not believe this, but there are many alternative songs that have romance written all over them. If you don’t believe me, ask any one of the millions of fans, who will vouch for the alternative genre.

If you are a lover of alternative music or your loved one is a crazy rock fan, you can compile an audio CD of alternative rock love songs and gift it to that special person in your life. Alternative songs may not appear or sound romantic as traditional love songs. But, if you listen carefully, these songs of the alternative genre carry lyrics that will be an answer to all your love questions. Do give these songs a chance and listen to them with an open heart. Before you know it, these songs will make you fall in love again.

Best Alternative Music about Love
Love Should ~ MobyQuestion ~ Old 97’s This Love ~ PanteraSour times ~ PortisheadCalling You ~ Blue OctoberNever tear us apart ~ InxsCloser ~ Nine Inch NailsThe Love Song ~ Marilyn MansonLittle Bit ~ Lykke LiIncomplete ~ Backstreet BoysTake My Breath Away ~ BerlinAll About Loving You ~ Bon JoviAll For Love ~ Bryan AdamsThe Lady In Red ~ Chris De BurghPossession ~ Sarah McLachlan Wonderwall ~ OasisIris ~ Goo Goo DollsThe Reason ~ HoobastankYou And Me ~ The CranberriesBroken ~ Amy Lee ft. SeetherAnywhere ~ AvantasiaLove Conquers All ~ Deep PurpleForever Love ~ Eric ClaptonGood Enough ~ EvanescenceDon’t Cry ~ Guns ‘N’ RosesNothing Else Matters ~ MetallicaLips of An Angel ~ HinderThe Feel Good Drag ~ AnberlinTo Be Loved ~ Papa RoachLast Kiss ~ Pearl JamTo The End ~ Blur1,2,3,4 ~ FestStem ~ HaydenFriday, I’m In Love ~ The CureMy Girl ~ TemptationsWarrant ~ HeavenWhatever It Is ~ Zac Brown BandSuch Great Heights ~ Iron & WineSecret Garden ~ Bruce SpringsteenHow Deep Is Your Love ~ Bee GeesShe Cooks Me Oatmeal ~ Pigeon JohnI Don’t Want To Miss A Thing ~ AerosmithI Will Always Love You ~ Dolly PartonSave the Best For Last ~ Vanessa WilliamsIt’s Only Love ~ Tina Turner & Bryan AdamsMaking love out of nothing at all ~ Air SupplyBallad For My One True Love ~ Mason JenningsLloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken ~ Camera ObscuraI Just Called To Say I Love You ~ Stevie WonderCan’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe ~ Barry WhiteTerminally Ambivalent Over You ~ The Real Tuesday Weld

People have a notion that the genre of love songs does not belong to traditional rock music. But listening to a hard rock artist singing an emotional song with a guitar in hand and steady drum beats is as pleasurable, as listening to romantic songs. You can revive your old love or add spark to your love life with some of these love songs.

There are many more of these alternative songs I may have missed out. You need to follow your heart and choose the alternative rock love songs that have lyrics that explain your sentiments well. It is not necessary that only soft, slow love songs can express the essence of warm love. Alternative music carry the sweetness of love to the listener with fast, rocking beats. Just listen to your heart and love will find its way towards you.

Sad Songs that Make you Cry

Everyone of us has a song close to our heart, which we cannot listen to without getting our eyes moist. We feel that the pain engraved in the tune somehow resembles ours. The following presents some great tracks whose lyrics and tunes may invoke a sense of pain and agony in your heart.

My Favorite Playlist of Sad Songs
♫ Broken
~ Seethe♫ Hurt
~ Johnny Cash♫ Crying
~ Roy Orbison♫ Goodbye
~ Air Supply♫ Heartless
~ The Fray♫ Don’t Speak
~ No Doubt♫ Angel
~ Sarah McLachlan♫ Breathe Me
~ Sia Furler♫ Don’t Let It End
~ Styx♫ Apologize
~ One Republic♫ At Seventeen
~ Janis Ian♫ Her Diamonds
~ Rob Thomas♫ All By Myself
~ Eric Carmen♫ All My Life
~ K-Ci and Jo-Jo♫ Hurt So Bad
~ Linda Ronstadt♫ The Diary
~ Hollywood Undead♫ Hard Habit to Break
~ Chicago♫ Cry Me a River
~ Julie London♫ Dear Agony
~ Breaking Benjamin♫ Butterfly Kisses
~ Bob Carlisle♫ Here Without You
~ 3 Doors Down♫ How Does it Make You Feel
~ Air♫ A Day In the Life
~ The Beatles♫ Goodbye To Love
~ The Carpenters♫ Goodbye To You
~ Michelle Branch♫ Travelin’ Soldier
~ Dixie Chicks♫ Where the Story Ends
~ The Fray♫ I Am A Rock
~ Simon and Garfunkel♫ Every Breath You Take
~ The Police♫ Give Me A Sign
~ Breaking Benjamin♫ Here Comes Goodbye
~ Rascal Flatts♫ Don’t Forget About Us
~ Mariah Carey♫ Picking Up the Pieces
~ Paloma Faith♫ How Do I Live Without You
~ LeAnn Rimes♫ The Shores Of The Swilly
~ Phil Coulter♫ The Green Fields of France
~ Eric Bogle♫ I Don’t Like Mondays
~ The Boomtown Rats♫ He Stopped Loving Her Today
~ George Jones♫ How Can You Mend a Broken Heart
~ Bee Gees♫ One Sweet Day
~ Mariah Carey with Boyz II Men

Some More Sad Songs
♫ You
~ Switchfoot♫ Always
~ Bon Jovi♫ Fix You
~ Coldplay♫ The Way
~ Fastball♫ Wonderwall
~ Oasis♫ Already Dead
~ Beck♫ Angel of Harlem
~ U2♫ Mother
~ John Lennon♫ Don’t Go Away
~ Oasis♫ Love Hurts
~ Nazareth♫ Perfect
~ Simple Plan♫ Stole
~ Kelly Rowland♫ 9 Crimes
~ Damian Rice♫ Amen Omen
~ Ben Harper♫ Card Cheat
~ The Clash♫ I’m Not In Love
~ 10cc♫ Join Me In Death
~ HIM♫ Jolene
~ Ray LaMontagne♫ Maps
~ Yeah Yeah Yeahs♫ Remember
~ Shangri-Las♫ Smrt Za Smrt
~ Laibach♫ With You
~ Chris Brown♫ Everybody Hurts
~ R.E.M♫ It’s You
~ Ryan Cabrera♫ Mad World
~ Gary Jules♫ When Doves Cry
~ Prince♫ Hero
~ Enrique Iglesias♫ The Scientist
~ Coldplay♫ Nobody Knows
~ Tony Rich♫ All Cried Out
~ Lisa Lisa♫ Good Riddance
~ Green Day♫ Hallelujah
~ Jeff Buckley♫ Hold On
~ Sarah McLachlan♫ Resolution
~ Nick Lachey♫ Song for Guy
~ Elton John♫ Thunder
~ Boys Like Girls♫ Chasing Cars
~ Snow Patrol♫ Good Enough
~ Darren Hayes♫ Hurt
~ Christina Aguilera♫ Last Kiss
~ J. Frank Wilson♫ She Wanted to Leave
~ Ween♫ Space Oddity
~ David Bowie♫ Stay Another Day
~ East 17♫ Who’s Crying Now
~ Journey♫ Where’d You Go
~ Fort Minor♫ Eleanor Rigby
~ The Beatles♫ Hide And Seek
~ Imogen Heap♫ I’ll Be There
~ Escape Club♫ One Last Time
~ Dusty Drake♫ The Promise
~ Tracy Chapman♫ Too Little, Too Late
~ JoJo♫ Cancer
~ My Chemical Romance♫ Colour My World
~ Chicago♫ The Drugs Don’t Work
~ The Verve♫ Incomplete
~ Backstreet Boys♫ Love of My Life
~ Air Supply♫ No Woman No Cry
~ Bob Marley♫ Redemption Song
~ Bob Marley♫ Back To Black
~ Amy Winehouse♫ In the Ghetto
~ Elvis Presley♫ End of the Road
~ Boyz II Men♫ No More Tears
~ Ozzy Osbourne♫ Christmas Shoes
~ Bob Carlisle♫ Everyone Says Hi
~ David Bowie♫ Promise Her the Moon
~ Mr. Big♫ Tears In Heaven
~ Eric Clapton♫ Death… In Its Arms
~ Samhain♫ You’re Beautiful
~ James Blunt♫ 96 Tears
~ ? and the Mysterians♫ Because of You
~ Kelly Clarkson♫ Candle In the Wind
~ Elton John♫ Somebody’s Crying
~ Chris Isaak♫ Wish You Were Here
~ Pink Floyd♫ Death is Not the End
~ Bob Dylan♫ Never Is A Promise
~ Fiona Apple♫ She’s Leaving Home
~ The Beatles♫ You’ll Think Of Me
~ Keith Urban♫ Goodbye My Lover
~ James Morrison♫ Right Here Waiting
~ Richard Marx♫ Send In the Clowns
~ Judy Collins♫ Stairway to Heaven
~ Led Zeppelin♫ We Belong Together
~ Mariah Carey♫ You Make it Real
~ James Morrison♫ As Tears Go By
~ The Rolling Stones♫ Autumn in New York
~ Billie Holiday♫ The Blower’s Daughter
~ Damian Rice♫ What Hurts the Most
~ Rascal Flatts♫ You Are Not Alone
~ Michael Jackson♫ Kiss and Say Goodbye
~ The Manhattans♫ A Little Bit Longer
~ Jonas Brothers♫ Big John Shaft
~ Belle and Sebastian♫ Crying In the Chapel
~ Elvis Presley♫ Crying in the Rain
~ Everly Brothers♫ Tell Laura I Love Her
~ Ray Peterson♫ The End of the World
~ Skeeter Davis♫ The One I Gave My Heart To
~ Aaliyah♫ Death Comes Ripping
~ Cradle Of Filth♫ I Will Remember You
~ Sarah McLachlan♫ Dance With My Father
~ Luthor Vandross♫ Nothing Compares 2 U
~ Sinead O’Connor♫ Don’t Cry Out Loud
~ Melissa Manchester♫ In the Still of the Night
~ Cole Porter♫ Tears Dry on Their Own
~ Amy Winehouse♫ I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
~ Aerosmith♫ The Living Year
~ Mike & The Mechanics ♫ If She Would Have Been Faithful
~ Chicago♫ Nothing Broken But My Heart
~ Celine Dion♫ This Bitter Pill
~ Dashboard Confessional♫ Total Eclipse of the Heart
~ Bonnie Tyler♫ Just Until Sundown
~ Further Seems Forever♫ You Were Always On My Mind
~ Willie Nelson♫ Streets Of Philadelphia
~ Bruce Springsteen♫ Two Beds and a Coffee Machine
~ Savage Garden♫ A Thousand Hours
~ The Cure With or Without You♫ Letter Full Of Tears
~ Gladys Knight & The Pips♫ Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
~ Elton John♫ Tears On My Pillow
~ Little Anthony & the Imperials♫ Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer
~ Stevie Wonder♫ Baby Baby Don’t Cry
~ Smokey Robinson & The Miracles♫ I Can’t Live (If Living is Without You)
~ Mariah Carey♫ It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday
~ Boyz II Men♫ You Don’t Bring Me Flowers
~ Neil Diamond & Barbra Streisand

Lost dreams, missed opportunities, an incomplete word, loss of someone special, and so on… Sadness arises from a myriad of reasons and thoughts; the pain is only borne by the one who suffers it. These sad songs have been put together with a hope that if not much, then at least, they may help soothe your wound and lessen your pain.

Motivational Songs

Motivational quotes and songs are for the times when you feel down and as active as a flat tire, unable to go on with whatever you are doing or supposed to be doing. You find it difficult to apply even 10% of you, spiritually, mentally and physically, to the task which may be as hard as lying in a bed comfortably and without fretting. Mostly, you yourself can lead to this state by taking in and reacting to events that are happening around you in the way you habitually do. Or, it may be something, out of character, you have done that has surprised and driven you to this track. How you feel, down this path, depends on what makes you throb and what you value more. This insufferable feeling can manifest in different forms and expressions from one individual to the another.

Well, to be honest and hammer the nail on the head, “What do you do to escape out of this mousetrap?” You must be doing something about this feeling, well, I mean other than breast beating, aren’t you?

Songs to Lift Your Mood
It is a time to lead our cottony ball of mind to another groove or course and spin a new thread of thought that, if followed, can guide us out of this doldrums of an inactivity. But, where do you look for this inspiring thought or how it knows that you are in need and looking for it.

The Rule of Thumb says that, if you cannot create something on your own, when you need it most urgently, then buy or borrow it. This reasoning leads into taking someone’s advice or reading a motivational book or listening to songs. The first option may make you travel and physical efforts; the second option will definitely demand your conscious and prolonged involvement which you may not be feeling up to. The last option, that of listening to popular motivational songs is an entertaining way of getting out of the blue zone, and it doesn’t demand too much from you. You can get involve with a song, which may belong to classical music or rock music or blues music, after playing it, whenever you feel like or be as content as a hibernating bear. The moment of your involvement may be triggered by a word or a phrase and by the beat of the music or by the combination of all these. Everyone has a song that takes his mind away from the day-to-day problems, stress, which inspires and energizes him to overcome the initial inertia of starting a new thing: a thought or an activity. Well, which song do you favor most to prod you in such a situation?

Eye of the Tiger ~ Survivor
Dream On ~ Aerosmith
Remember the Name ~ Fort Minor
Future So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades ~ Timbuk3
Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money) ~ Pet Shop Boys
I Dreamed a Dream ~ Susan Boyle
It’s getting better (Man!!) ~ Oasis
I’m not afraid ~ Eminem
A Change is Gonna Come ~ Seal
Just Fine ~ Mary J. Blige
Sign of a Victory ~ R. Kelly
(I’ve Got to Use My) Imagination ~ Lizz Wright
Live Like You Were Dying ~ Tim McGraw
Where The Streets Have No Name ~ U2
The Climb ~ Miley Cyrus
Never Surrender ~ Corey Hart
You Brought The Sunshine ~ The Clark Sisters
Greatest Love of All ~ Whitney Houston
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough ~ Marvin Gaye
Inspirational Songs for All
The Power of the Dream ~ Celine Dion
The cup of Life ~ Ricky Martin
The Moment of Truth ~ Survivor
Grace of God ~ Clay Aiken
The World’s Greatest ~ R. Kelly
Turn the Beat Around ~ Vicki Sue Robinson
Search for the hero ~ M People
Awake and Alive ~ Skillet
The Moment of Truth ~ Survivor
This is the Moment ~ Moody Blues
Believe ~ Josh Groban
Unbreakable ~ Bon Jovi
You’re Unstoppable ~ Paul Hoffman
Hope ~ Shaggy
It’s A Beautiful Life ~ Ace of Base
Just Stand Up ~ All~Star Female Artists
Live to Win ~ Paul Stanley
Man In The Mirror ~ Michael Jackson

Songs for Students
Everyone has deadlines to meet a house-wife, a businessman, a production manager, a pilot, a sport person and so are students. Like everyone else, they too are pressed for time and are stressed and can do well with the list presented below. Even though this is a list of songs for students, it is for all. The truth is no one stops being a student throughout his or her life.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enugh ~ Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell
Born to try ~ Delta Goodrem
Be strong ~ Delta Goodrem
I believe I can Fly ~ R.Kelly
Superman ~ Goldfinger
A New day has come ~ Celine Dion
Never Give up on a dream ~ Rod Stewart
Great Expectations ~ Eric carmen
Born For Greatness~ Jana Stanfield
Fighter ~ Christina Aguilera
Life is what you make it~Hannah Montana
I Believe ~ Yolanda Adams
I Believe I Can Fly ~ R. Kelly
I Give It All ~ Rise Against
If I Were Brave ~ Jana Stanfield
If Today Were Your Last Day ~ Nickelback
Beat It ~ Michael Jackson
The Power of the Dream ~ Celine Dion
This is the Moment ~ Moody Blues
The Power of the Dream ~ Celine Dion
This is the Moment ~ Moody Blues
Stronger ~ Britney Spears
You Gotta Want It ~ Roberta Gold
Dream Big ~ David Cook/Emily Shackelton
Star ~ Bryan Adams
Never Give Up On Your Dreams ~ Rod Stewart, Bernie Taupin/Jim Cregan

Songs for Work
This day comes in everyone’s life and the moment may jump you while you may be looking at your telly without taking it in or when one gets up to prepare for the day and set out for the work. Feeling as enthusiastic and active as a deflated balloon, you try to regroup your resources and calls on every ounce of mental energy and makes you go through some of the daily cores. However, you know in your heart of heart that things are not working at all and nothing is right, as it should be or could be. Suddenly, when you have overtaken a corner of your mind, it dawns on you that your behavior is that of an aimless driftwood, bobbing in the purposeful current of promises, needs and wants, rights and responsibilities and achievements and goals.

May be you are waiting for an extraterrestrial message. If it is so, then at least take the trouble of cleaning your antenna to receive it. If it is not so, and which definitely means that you are an earthling, who is bitten by a bug or two, just go through the following list of motivational songs and help yourself and get out of the self-made pressure cooker.

9 to 5 ~ Dolly Parton
Work To Do ~ Vanessa Williams
Let’s Work Together ~ Canned Heat
Sometimes You Have to Work on Christmas ~ Harvey Danger
Goin’ to Work ~ Martina Mcbride
Together we are one ~ Delta Goodrem
Danger Zone ~ Top Gun/Kenny Logins
All I Got ~ MC Hush
I Will Survive ~ Gloria Gaynor
When the going gets tough ~ Boyzone/Billy Ocean
Frontline ~ Pillar
Heart of a Champion ~ Nelly

I hope this list includes at least one of your favorite songs that goes with the music and the musical instruments you like best. If it doesn’t, let me know. I would be happy to oblige you.